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A Tearful Farewell

In what is always a tragic occasion, the Cleftomaniacs were forced to sing farewell to the four members of their graduating senior class: Dan Kent, Amanda Manzano, Jess Hoover and Kaeden Cooke, you will be sorely missed. Woven into our end-of-the-year Final Concert were four senior solos, songs sung by these members of the group accompanied by a speech given by one of the other younger members. Many members of the group had difficulty keeping it together as the seniors sang "Happy Ending" (Dan), "Follow Me Back Into the Sun" (Amanda), "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree" (Jess), & "Somewhere Only We Know" (Kaeden). Tiger Richetti was reportedly choking back tears as he repeated the words "I don't care" to himself and those around him, and several members say they heard Amanda whisper to him that he had to "get it together" and that she would "flay his skinny ass if he ruined her last performance with his petty emotional frailty". The speeches were everything they could be: heartfelt reminders that the Cleftomaniacs are composed of people who care deeply for one another and who are always grateful for a chance to express that, even if it's for the last time.

Not everyone was completely satisfied though. Junior Sarah Smith (aka Smee) confessed to being frustrated, as audience members were busy gazing at Kaeden's tanned beach bod and pearly hair instead of listening to what she had to say about him. Senior Dan Kent was also overheard complaining about the lack of prestige associated with the Wren Great Hall, stating that the concert "wasn't up the par with the tradition of exclusiveness upheld by the Business School". Senior Jess Hoover was caught sitting with the alums in the audience, and had to be dragged back onstage by a fuming Amanda.

The real question raised for the Cleftomaniacs though is what we are going to do now that we have lost four members so crucial and influential, and whether our hearts and voices will be able to pull it together and move on without them. Not only are we losing our senior class, but the junior class (aka the Cleftomanic's rendition of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position) has finally succumbed to the curse placed upon them, and circumstance has forced the remaining members of their ranks from our beloved coalition. This year we were forced to say goodbye not only to the seniors, but to Juniors Sarah Smith and Lanie Zell, both treasured members of the family. Their leadership and bright personalities will be sorely missed in a group that needs them dearly, and Sophmore Clinton Roscoe sumarized the feelings of the group perfectly with his statement, "well f*ck". Without a senior class to lead them next year, the Cleftomaniacs will have nowhere to turn but to ourselves if we wish to uphold our standards both for music and comradrie, and only the motivation of each and every member will be able to overcome this obstacle.

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