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Fill Up My Cup #2015

On March 25th the Cleftomaniacs preformed at the Christopher Wren Portico for our once-a-semester Wren 10 for an enthusiatic audience consisting mainly of our hundreds of groupies and a few other randos. Many members agreed that they felt it was the most successful Wren 10 they had ever preformed in, and spirits were even higher than usual amongst the flamboyant and jovial member of the group (and Tiger). "I'm glad that we get to leave the group in a flash of glory" said Senior Dan Kent, "it's good to know that if business doesn't work out for me I can always return to rely on the gratuity of our thousands of screaming fans."

Not all members had such a bombastic reaction to the wildly successful performance though. Some of them were just grateful for the little things.

"It was really great not to have mono this time" said Sophomore Josh Frakes shortly afterwards, "I don't even really remember what we sung, I just remember singing it without mono. That was amazing."

The group premiered no less than three new songs at the performance, probably in order to compensate for our lack of new members. The grand newcomers were "Howl" by Florence and the Machine soloed by Freshman Sarah Thomson, "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce, which was supposedly a medly but was really just Crazy in Love, and "Fill Up My Cup" also known as "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You". Fill Up My Cup was soloed by Sophmore Tiger Richetti, who in a fit of euphoria due to the group's success was uncharacteristically overheard afterwards loudly proclaiming "I might not hate everyone!"

When questioned later as to the noticeable lack of Base solos, Richetti responded by looking perplexed and then saying "Oh, you mean the dude-altos? Yeah, we just give them a chew-toy once in a while and that keeps them quiet."

Several members of the audience were confused by the absence of Freshman Catherine Smith, whose dark angellic tone was much anticipated. When finally located the next day, she shrugged it off saying "Yeah, the Christopher Wren Singers were having a game night. Sorry, maybe next time." Smith has declared that she intends to remain loyal to the Cleftos, but some members are skeptical, noting that she has embroidered her Clefto t-shirt with the Wren emblem and has taken to referring to the group as the "lesser-wrens".

Cynical Directors and Dubious Freshman Aside, the Cleftomaniacs thank everyone who came out for helping to make our Spring 2015 Wren 10 one of the best we have ever had!

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