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Audition for the C L E F T O S

We select members each fall and spring semester through a two part audition process consisting of an initial audition and potential callback. Auditions and Callbacks are held the three days/nights directly following each semester's A Cappella Showcase - a concert that features each of William & Mary's a cappella groups.

How Do I Sign Up To Audition?

Well firstly, we highly encourage you to go to the A Cappella Showcase that happens at the beginning of each semester. The Showcase features performances by both the Cleftomaniacs and the rest of the groups from William & Mary's extremely talented a cappella community. After the show you can find us along the back wall of the ampitheatre (or in the lobby of Sadler if it's moved indoors due to weather), where you can then sign up for an audition time slot. If you can't make it to the showcase, you can also find us at the activities fair and sign up then, or DM us on Instagram and we'll be sure to find you an audition slot!

What Do I Need In Order To Audition?

On the day of your audition, make sure to arrive 15 minutes early in case we happen to be running ahead of schedule. All you need to bring is a pen to fill out the audition form, a solo piece that you have prepared ahead of time, and YOUR PERSONALITY! Your singing voice and musicality are immensely important, but so is showing us who you are! We're looking for individuals that are friendly, outgoing, compatible with others, and cooperative. A Cappella is largely about performance, so we want to see you shine like you would on stage.

How Do I Prepare a Solo?

It sounds intimidating, we know, but all we mean by preparing a solo is that you come prepared with a verse and chorus of a song that you like to sing, that shows off your range, plays to the strengths of your voice, and can be performed without accompaniment.

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