New   Repertoire


by  Sydney Franklin

Arranged by Leah Patek, Matt Siroty, and Annabel Mudge


by Sam Smith

Arranged by Cameron Ciambotti

Soloist: Matt Siroty


by  Kiah Victoria

Arranged by Luke Hemmingson

Soloists: Annabel Mudge and Leah Patek (aux)


All for Us

by Zendaya and Labrinth

Arranged by Beau LeBlond and Aria Austin


Current  Repertoire


by Rihanna

Arranged by Cameron Ciambotti, Teddy Wansink, Holly Waters

Soloist:  Aria Austin (previously Keira McCarthy)

Goodnight n Go

by Ariana Grande, Imogen Heap

Arranged by Keira McCarthy

Soloist: Leah Patek (previously Keira McCarthy)

Weight in Gold/Another Lifetime

by  Gallant // Nao

Arranged by Jeron Duhart, Leah Patek, Beau LeBlond, Cameron Ciambotti, Keira McCarthy

Soloists: Aria Austin & Jeron Duhart

Let Me Go

by Mathew V

Arranged by Leah Patek and Cameron Ciambotti

Soloist: Jeron Duhart (previously Evan Dotas)

Cry For Love

by  Harry Hudson

Arranged by Teddy Wansink and Cameron Ciambotti

Soloist: Luke Hemmingson (previously Teddy Wansink)

Eye Will Survive

by Gloria Gaynor // Survivor

Arranged by Luke Hemmingson

Soloists: Holly Waters and Annabel Mudge (previously Cameron Ciambotti)


by  Bea Miller

Arranged by Luke Hemmingson and Aria Austin

Soloist: Holly Waters, Mady Wright (aux)

Change on the Rise

by Avi Kaplan

Arranged by Beau LeBlond and Cameron Ciambotti

Soloist: Beau LeBlond, Leah Patek (aux), Holly Waters (aux)

Masterpiece Theatre II

by  Marianas Trench

Arranged by Keira McCarthy, Kyle Cochran, Evan Dotas

Soloists: Michael Curtin and Holly Waters (aux)

Have Mercy

by Eryn Allen Kane

Arranged by Leah Patek

Soloists: Cameron Ciambotti, Annabel Mudge, Aria Austin


by Samm Henshaw

Arranged by Beau LeBlond and Jeron DuHart-Rodriguez

Soloists: Chas Rinne, Annabel Mudge (aux), Jeron DuHart-Rodriguez (aux)

Song for the Asking

by Leslie Odom Jr.

Arranged by Aria Austin and Jeron Duhart


Past  Repertoire

FALL 2019

Seven Nation Army

by  Ben L'Oncle Soul

Arranged by Aria Austin, Evan Dotas, Keira McCarthy

Soloist: Jeron Duhart

Joshua Tree

by Cautious Clay

Arranged by Cameron Ciambotti andKyle Cochran

Soloist:  Matt Siroty (previously Will Neely)

What You Don't Do

by Lianne LaHavas

Arranged by Teddy Wansink and Luke Hemmingson

Soloist: Aria Austin

So Good

by Louisa Johnson

Arranged by Keira McCarthy

Soloist: Cameron Ciambotti



by Alicia Keys & Charlie Puth

Arranged by Keira McCarthy & Jeron DuHart

Soloists: Cameron Ciambotti & Keira McCarthy


by Gabrielle Aplin

Arranged by Maya Ravindran & Kyle Cochran

Soloist: Amy Folkerts

Pretty Young Mountain

by Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Arranged by Teddy Wansink

Soloists: Leah Patek, Cameron Ciambotti & Luke Hemmingson

Searching for a Feeling

by Thirdstory

Arranged by Sarah Thomson & Tiger Richetti

Soloists: Keira McCarthy, Kyle Cochran, Leah Patek (previously Luke Hemmingson), Cameron Ciambotti, Jeron Duhart, Evan Dotas

FALL 2018

She Wolf/Loved Me Back to Life

by Sia & Celine Dion

Arranged by Sarah Thomson

Soloist: Keira McCarthy

Time Machine

by Ingrid Michaelson

Arranged by Keira McCarthy & Colleen Fennessy

Soloist: Cameron Ciambotti

Slow Dance with the Devil

by Parson James

Arranged by Maya Ravindran & Will Neely

Soloists: Jeron Duhart and Teddy Wansink (aux)

Brand New

by Ben Rector

Arranged by Kyle Cochran

Soloists: Evan Dotas and Holly Waters


I Can't Lie

by Maroon 5

Arranged by Alex Ervin and Will Neely

Soloist: Amy Folkerts

Where the Tele (Pop Diva Medley)

by Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and Brooklyn

Arranged by Tiger Richetti and Amy Folkerts

Soloists: Maya Ravindran, Jessica McHenry, Jeron DuHart (aux)

Fire and the Flood

by Vance Joy

Arranged by Colleen Fennessy

Soloists: Danny Smyth and Teddy Wansink (aux)


by Stevie Wonder

Arranged by Keira McCarthy and Sarah Thomson

Soloists: Jeron DuHart, Sarah Thomson, Jessica McHenry

FALL 2017

When I Get You Alone

by Robin Thicke

Arranged by Nathaniel Clemens & Tiger Ricchetti

Soloist: Jeron DuHart


Hold Me Up

by Conrad Sewell

Arranged by Tiger Ricchetti

Soloist: Keira McCarthy

Feeling Good

by Michael Bublé

Arranged by Alex Ervin

Soloist: Will Neely

Things We Lost in the Fire/Icarus/Ride Mashup

by Bastille/21 Pilots

Arranged by Clint Roscoe & Colleen Fennessy

Soloists: Sean Roberts, Sarah Thomson, Danny Smyth

My Heart With You

by The Rescues

Arranged by Sarah Schuessler



by Delta Rae

Arranged by Tiger Richetti

Soloists: Nathaniel Clemens, Keira McCarthy (aux), Clint Roscoe (aux), Alex Ervin (aux), Jacob Herrin (aux)

Something's Missing

by Sheppard

Arranged by Sean Roberts and Colleen Fennessy

Soloists: Clint Roscoe, Keira McCarthy (aux), Tiger Richetti (aux)

Best I Ever Had

by Gavin Degraw

Arranged by Maya Ravindran and Tiger Richetti

Soloists: Sarah Thomson and Tiger Richetti


by San Fermin

Arranged by Sarah Thomson and Alex Ervin

Soloist: Sarah Thomson

FALL 2016

Love Runs Out

by  OneRepublic

Arranged by Alex Ervin and Amanda Manzano

Soloist: Colleen Fennessy


by Florence + The Machine

Arranged by Jess Hoover

Soloist: Sarah Thomson

You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You

by James Arthur

Arranged by Tiger Ricchetti

Soloist: Tiger Ricchetti

Crazy In Love Medley

by Beyoncé

Arranged by Tiger Ricchetti

Soloists: Maya Ravindran & Sarah Thomson


Somewhere Only We Know

by Keane

Arranged by Jess Hoover

Soloist: Sean Roberts

River of Dreams

by Keane

Arranged by Amanda Manzano

Soloist: Will Neely

Many the Miles

by Sara Bareilles

Arranged by Dan Kent and Tiger Ricchetti

Soloists: Sarah Thomson & Nathaniel Clemens (aux)

Drops of Jupiter

by Train

Arranged by Tiger Ricchetti and Colleen Fennessy

Soloist: Sean Roberts


Light 'Em Up/Girl On Fire

by Fall Out Boy/Alicia Keys

Arranged by Tyler Ricchetti

Soloists: Tyler Ricchetti, Jess Hoover, Alex Ervin (Aux)



by Allen Stone

Arranged by Jess Hoover

Soloist: Amanda Manzano


Cough Syrup

by Young the Giant

Arranged by Dan Kent

Soloist: Dan Kent


Dont Stop Me Now

by Queen

Arranged by Amanda Manzano

Soloist: Maya Ravindran


OK, It's Alright With Me

by Eric Hutchinson

Arranged by Sarah Smith & Nikki Becher

Soloist: Tyler Ricchetti


I Get A Kick Outta You

by Frank Sinatra

Arranged by Nikki Becher

Soloists: Sarah Smith & Grayson Cooke


Come Back Down

by Greg Laswell

Arranged by Dan Kent

Soloists: Grayson Cooke & Colleen Fennessy


Coldplay Medley: feat. "Fix You", "Swallowed In The Sea", and "The Scientist"

by Coldplay

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloists: Dan Kent, Grayson Cooke, & Amanda Manzano



by Ben Folds

Arranged by Dan Sylvester & Jess Hoover

Soloist: Grayson Cooke


Dreamin' Of You

by The Coral

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloists: Sam Meckley & Dan Sylvester


That's Not My Name

by the Ting-Tings

Arranged by Kim Ness


Falling In Love At The Coffee Shop

by Landon Pigg

Arranged by Caroline Yates

Soloists: Caroline Yates & Dan Sylvester


There Was Another Time In My Life

by Relient K

Arranged by Dave Thomas

Soloist: Dave Thomas

California Dreamin'

by The Mamas and The Papas

Arranged by Caroline Yates



Cry Me A River

by Michael Buble

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloist: Mac Harris


You Can't Hurry Love

by The Supremes

Arranged by Sarah Schuessler

Soloist: Emily Hemmingson

Aux: Sarah Schuessler, & Sarah Smith


I've Got To Use (My Imagination)

by Gladys Knight & The Pips

Arranged by Nikki Becher

Soloist: Christine Jacobs


Dancing In The Moonlight

by King Harvest

Arranged by Kim Ness

Soloist: Alex Coulson

Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

by KT Tunstall

Arranged by Amanda Manzano

Soloist: Jess Hoover, Alex Ervin (Aux), Nathaniel Clemens (Aux)


Say (All I Need)

by OneRepublic

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloist: Emily Hemmingson


If You Find Yourself Caught in Love

by Belle & Sebastian

Arranged by Sarah Schuessler

Soloist: Dan Sylvester


In My Life

by The Beatles

Arranged by Kim Ness


Carry On Wayward Son

by Kansas

Arranged by Paul Burgess

Soloist: Paul Burgess/Dan Sylvester


Cosmic Love

by Florence + The Machine

Arranged by Ian Arthur & Dave Thomas

Soloist: Nikki Becher


How Far We've Come

by Matchbox 20

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloist: Dave Thomas / Dan Sylvester


90's Mashup: feat "Crazy" and "Larger Than Life"

by Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloists: Emily Hemmingson & Sean Vadas


New Soul

by Yael Naim

Arranged by Caroline Yates

Soloist: Sarah Schuessler


You Don't Know Me

by Ben Folds

Arranged by Dan Sylvester

Soloists: Paul Burgess & Katie Thatcher



by Jukebox the Ghost

Arranged by Mac Harris

Soloists: Clint Roscoe & Colleen Fennessy


Wine Red

by The Hush Sound

Arranged by Caroline Yates

Soloist: Jess Hoover


Tarzan Medley: feat. "Trashin' The Camp", "Son of Man", "You'll Be In My Heart", and "Two Worlds"

by Phil Collins

Arranged by Sarah Schuessler

Soloists: Dan Sylvester/Tyler Ricchetti, Kim Ness/Christine Jacobs, & Mac Harris


Happy Ending


Arranged by Paul Burgess & Gibson Haynes

Soloist: Dan Kent


Follow Me Back Into The Sun

by The Rescues

Arranged by Sarah Schuessler & Kim Ness

Soloist: Amanda Manzano

Aux: Sean Vadas


9 Crimes

by Damien Rice

Arranged by Sam Wheeler

Soloists: Sarah Rozycki & Ian Arthur


You Picked Me

by A Fine Frenzy

Arranged by Caroline Yates

Soloist: Claire Fredericksen


Tangled Up In Blue

by Bob Dylan

Arranged by Sam Wheeler

Soloists: Dave Thomas, Paul Burgess, Kristina Forero-Hordusky, Nikki Becher, Dan Sylvester, Sam Meckley, and Sam Wheeler



by The Cranberries

Arranged by Sam Wheeler

Soloist: Sarah Gwilliam/Heather LeMunyon


Before He Cheats

by Carrie Underwood

Srranged by Steve Hayet

Soloist: Beth Mahalak/Kristina Forero-Hordusky



by Guster

Arranged by Steve Hayet

Soloists: Dave Thomas and Claire Fredericksen


Under The Bridge

by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Arranged by Peter Zimmerman

Soloist: Sam Meckley


All Is Full Of Love

by Bjork

Arranged by Peter Zimmerman

Soloist: Abagail Stokley


You Learn

by Alanis Morissette

Arranged by Peter Zimmerman

Soloist: Luci Samp

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