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The William & Mary Cleftomaniacs is one of the a cappella groups at the College of William & Mary. We are an all-gender group, priding ourselves on our musicality and colorful attire. Our repertoire is a wonderful blend of everything we think sounds awesome, with all of our music arranged by members of our group. We perform at all sorts of venues, from coffee-shop gigs to Christmas parties hosted by the Vice-President of the United States. We also go on an annual tour over Fall Break to perform with a cappella groups from other colleges. We hold auditions at the beginning of every semester, and we encourage you to come out and show us what you've got! (More information about auditions can be found under the Auditions tab).


Now that we've got all that boring mandatory information out of the way, let's talk about what the Cleftomaniacs are really like (caution: the answer is VERY weird). Cleftos make weird jokes and then laugh at ourselves in a slightly uncomfortable fashion because nobody else will. We like to watch the same episode of "Ghost Stories" twice a year, all huddled around a tiny laptop whilst aggressively yelling quotes we remember at the screen (don't worry, it's a tradition). We like to coordinate elaborate costumes for our school's yearly Campus Golf day. And as for our annual beach week...those shenanigans are better kept a secret. You might think of the Cleftos as "just another a capella group at the College of William & Mary", but a more accurate title would probably be "a bunch of weird people who enjoy each other's company too much and occasionally try their hand at making music". This isn't to say we don't take our rehearsals seriously because the true value of the Cleftos cannot only be found in just the music we make together; it also comes from the late-night dinners, the unproductive study sessions, the overly-aggressive games of 'Settlers of Catan' and the small moments that we share together both in and out of rehearsal. Cleftos is an a cappella group, but first and foremost it will always be a family.


We are the William & Mary Cleftomaniacs, freakishly weird and incredibly proud of it.

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