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The William & Mary Cleftomaniacs Sing at the College's 321st Charter Day Ceremony

You only turn 321 once, and the College of WIlliam & Mary is proud to announce that the Cleftomaniacs will be performing at the Offical Charter Day Ceremony this Friday, February 7th at William and Mary Hall. Charter Day serves as the college's "birthday", marking the anniversary of the Royal Charter set down by King William III and his wife Queen Mary II of Great Britain, establishing "a perpetual College of Divinity, Philosophy, Languages, and the good arts and sciences" in what was then the British Colony of Virginia.

The Cleftomaniacs have been hard at work perfecting their performance for the celebrations, and President Reveley has stated that they are sure to give "a rousing rendition" for the crowd of over 2,000, including students, alumni, faculty, local community members, local dignitaries, and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Director Amanda Manzano considers this to be "one of the biggest gigs of the year for our group - everyone important in Virginia will be there".

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