Business Manager


Vocal Part: Tenor

Hometown: Falls Church, Virgnia

Clefto Color: Purple

Additional: Can outcook you, even on a bad day

Michael is a sophomore from Northern Virginia who plans to study Government and Spanish.  He is a self-proclaimed master chef who spends a majority of his time being bullied by his fellow freshman newbie, Holly Waters, but also enjoys fantasizing about the day he is finally able to put his hair in a bun.  When he grows up he hopes to be as cool as Will Neely, or at least savvy enough to write bios without Will's help.                   

Desired Nickname: Magic Mike

Favorite Type of Cheese: Parmesan


Playlist: Indie/alt rock from the 90s and 2000s with a sprinkle of Red Hot Chili Peppers and some Reggaetón in there. 


Fondest Memory: Opening my door to be picked up by all of the cleftos for the first time  

Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: Jurassic Park and Ocean's Eleven.  It would be called "Hammond's Eleven" and it would be about an eccentric billionaire who creates the ultimate crack team of dinosaurs to pull off a heist.  Dinosaur heist... you're welcome.      

Passion: Pirates of the Caribbean  

I am a Reincarnation of... Sterling Archer


Indulgence: CHEERWINE


Dream Hair: Aaron Tveit in season 3 of Graceland 


Favorite Outfit: My slightly-darker-black black suit 

Superpower: Flawlessly quoting movies and TV shows that other people find dumb and/or annoying


Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Manny Montana, José Andrés, and Stella, the dog from Modern Family  


Favorite Book: Cry, the Beloved Country   

No One Knows That I... never actually read Cry, the Beloved Country 


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