Vocal Part: Alto

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virgnia

Clefto Color: Red

Solos: Goodnight n' Go, Change on the Rise (aux), Hollow (aux)

Additional: Invented the spoon, but forgot to patent it :/

Leah is a sophomore from Charlottesville, Virginia and she is planning to major in Kinesiology with a concentration in health sciences on the pre-med track. Leah spends the majority of her time in sweatpants and enjoys shocking her friends with how terrible her outfits can be. Leah hopes to one day become a puppy and her dream is completely realistic and she asks that you respect her dreams by never laughing around her. She expects complete and total seriousness in all of her day-to-day interactions and asks you withhold the use of sarcasm within a 400-mile radius of her. Thank you. 

Desired Nickname: LL Bean

Favorite Type of Cheese: Brie

Playlist: Radiohead Vibez

Fondest Memory: any time I was eating


Two Movies: Any of my homemade movies about me and any movies with Bryan Cranston so that we can become best friends 

Passion: eating too much chocolate 

I am a reincarnation of: Kronk from Emperor's New Groove 

Indulgence: 2012 Justin Bieber

Dream Hair: bed head 

Favorite Outfit: anything bright red 

Superpower: the ability to fly (yes, I can literally fly) 

Elevator: Barack Obama, Tina Fey, and Ralph Fiennes 

Favorite Book: Slaughterhouse V 

No One Knows That I… don't have eyes 


fresh goofy.jpg