Music Director


Vocal Part: Bass

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Clefto Color: Forest green

Solo: Change on the Rise

Additional: Probably has a better music taste than you

Beau LeBlond is a sophomore from Charlottesville, Virginia majoring in Economics and Math. When he's not aca-jamming with the Cleftos, you can find him fishing, eating baked ziti, or washing his pet skink Drake. On campus, he is a member of Kappa Delta Ro and the Botetourt Chamber Singers. He speaks four languages, used to jump rope (before The Accident), and can touch his toes.


Desired Nickname: Beauseph


Favorite Type of Cheese: Nacho


Playlist: Smino, Kendrick, Kanye, Leon Bridges


Fondest Memory: When I got my first pet skink in the sixth grade after months of begging my parents


Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: Jesus Christ Superstar and Godzilla


Passion: Baked Ziti


I am a Reincarnation of... Willy Wonka


Indulgence: I read my horoscope every day


Dream Hair: Teddy Wansink's


Favorite Outfit: Tank top and birks, of course

Superpower: I can sing


Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Timon from the Lion King, Tim Kaine, and George Washington Carver


Favorite Book: I read the thesaurus recreationally


No One Knows That I... can't bear children


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