Public Relations Chair


Vocal Part: Tenor

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey

Clefto Color: Orange

Solo: Pray, Noise (aux)

Additional: Consistently freaks out over small dogs

Matt is a freshman at William & Mary and is THRILLED to be a part of the Cleftomaniacs! Catch him being very frustrated at people telling him he looks like Ben Platt. He is double majoring in Psychology and Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Oh yeah, and he’s in No Ceiling and the William and Mary Choir!!


Desired Nickname: Umm I guess Matt? I guess I’m not special enough to have been giving a real nickname yet so sad


Playlist: Kinda all over the place but follow his Recommendations playlist on Spotify @msiroty it’s pretty good if you ask me


Fondest Memory: First Wren 10 with Cleftos!


Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: These are tv shows so I guess that’s cheating but I would do anything to see iCarly and Victorious combine because they’re both amazing also sam is the same exact character in both of them so that would probably make sense. WAIT OMG I just googled it turns out there WAS a crossover TV movie made in 2011 so...


Passion: All my colored pens


I am a Reincarnation of... the annoying kid from the polar express


Indulgence: ICE CREAMMM


Dream Hair: No hair, just beans


Favorite Outfit: My fall vibes maroon sweatshirt/shirt with those gray pants that are like half khakis and half dress pants they really work as both

Superpower: Whistle tones that would blow Mariah Carey out of the water


Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: 3 GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES AHH


Favorite Book: I don't like reading so I don't really have one oops


No One Knows That I... went viral in 8th grade on “The Voice App” for singing Just Give Me a Reason