Vocal Part: Soprano

Clefto Color: Periwinkle

Additional: Has convinced everyone she has perfect pitch


Mady is a sophomore from Warrenton, VA who is pre-med and majoring in Neuroscience. In addition to Cleftos, she is a member of the Botetourt Chamber Singers and dances in Swing Club. Around campus, she can be seen either drawing hexagons for organic chemistry or trying to keep up with the conversations she is a part of. Her latest accomplishment is being able to touch her toes.

Desired Nickname: my correctly pronounced name (it’s not Made-y)


Favorite Type of Cheese: Jarlesberg


Playlist: Billy Joel, Ed Sheeran, Abba, Queen, Sara Bareilles, Meatloaf Fondest Memory: white water rafting with my family in Asheville


Fondest Memory: One of the many snow days of the spring 2015 semester.  Tiger, Natty, Maya, Sarah, Sean, and I ate brunch at Sadler, had a snowball fight with the Sunken Gardens, and had an impromptu photo shoot.  


Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: The Princess Bride and any Avengers movie (avengers plot, better villains, better hero, better punchlines)


Passion: reproductive medicine


I am a Reincarnation of… Elle Woods


Indulgence: chocolate and cherries


Dream Hair: same color, with body and WAVES (will never happen no matter how hard I try)


Favorite Outfit: My denim dress with a turtleneck, cozy tights, boots, and some crazy earrings


Superpower: ability to enjoy rice more than a person should be allowed to Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Gordon Ramsey, Mary Berry (of Great British Bake Off), and a grocery store owner (with his grocery store)


Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Hermione Granger (she could easily apparate us out of there), Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres (they’d either keep us sane or make us go round the bend in the best way)


Favorite Book: Crime and Punishment (seriously, it’s really good)


No One Knows That I… was a gymnast with the world record for the shortest career (about a month when I was 4 or so)


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