Vocal Part: Bass

Hometown: Prince George, Virginia

Clefto Color: Red

Solos: Weight in Gold/Another Lifetime, Let Me Go, Broke (aux)

Additional: The power source for the Energizer bunny

Can I get a Venti White Mocha Soy with whip one and a half pumps white mocha one and a half pumps of hazelnut with an extra shot but decaf since I'm clinically insane. Oh and can I get it at 190 degrees? Yes I'm aware that that is literally liquid fire and will continue to try and drink it immediately k thanks.

Desired Nickname: Ruler of Perspiration

Favorite Type of Cheese: Pepperjack

Playlist: Summer Latino Workout Twerkout Party (it's on Spotify follow it!)

Fondest Memory: ...Epcot Ball

Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: Nancy Drew and Spy Kids Island of Lost Dreams because they're both so amazing and, I know, two totally different universes. That'd be the coolest collective friend group ever.

Passion: Being gay

I am a Reincarnation of... Michael Jackson

Indulgence: Biting apples. Not eating them, just biting them.


Dream Hair: Long, luscious, tight curls that ombre into a bluish silver purple

Favorite Outfit: Black highwaisted shorts and a crop top

Superpower: Succubus

Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Gregg Sulkin, Ariana Grande, Bret Baboorian


Favorite Book: Savvy

No One Knows That I... Can say the reverse ABCs in reverse (pretty cool right?)


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