Vocal Part: Alto

Hometown: Herndon, Virginia

Clefto Color: Sunshine yellow 

Solos: S.L.U.T., Change on the Rise (aux)

Additional: Medicine for the soul 

Holly is a sophomore from NoVA studying neuroscience on the pre-PA track. Her Clefto color is also her favorite color: the color of sunshine and all things good. She is at her happiest when eating cookie dough ice-cream and binging 80's rom-coms or when she is surrounded by her fellow Cleftos! Holly can often be found walking across campus while eating a banana, which is a total power move. Her top bucket list items are to travel to Europe and to own a puppy. In addition, she considers her sworn blood feud with Michael Curtin to be an integral part of the group dynamic. It will never die.

Desired Nickname: Holls, H-money, H-dawg, Happy Clefto

Favorite Type of Cheese: Swirly string cheese (you know what kind I'm talking about, the really good stuff)


Playlist: A soundtrack of blue whale noises on repeat

Fondest Memory: Learning how to cook grilled cheese from my dad. Eventually other dishes too, but grilled cheese will always be a classic

Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Sixteen Candles because can you even IMAGINE young Michael Schoeffling and Matthew Mcconaughey in the same movie???!!?

Passion: Aggressively color-coding my day planner

I am a Reincarnation of... Jess from Season 1 of New Girl


Indulgence: Eating breakfast foods anytime after 12a.m. which automatically makes them taste 1000x better


Dream Hair: Shoulder-length hair with bangs--hopefully one day soon! Keep an eye out...

Favorite Outfit: Crop top, high-waisted mom jeans, a headband, Birks, and funky earrings. Also an outfit I would want to be buried in.

Superpower: Infectious laughter

Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Barack Obama, Lea Michele, and Zac Efron, a few of my childhood heroes. In close proximity, I would force them all to love me. Then they would confess to me their deepest secrets.


Favorite Book: A collection of poetry

No One Knows That I... will never have to shave!!! *perks of my Wasian genes*


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