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Pronouns: he/him

Vocal Part: Tenor
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
Clefto Color: Red
Solo: Weathered, Pretty Young Mountain, Flowers
Major: Theatre (Pre-Law)

Additional: Falls asleep to "Easy on Me" by Adele 


Adriano is a little ray of sunshine from Northern Virginia (Vienna to be specific). He is also a Musical Theatre enthusiast…as you could’ve seen from his major and his inability to remain quiet. In his free time he enjoys leaving his things in weird places and "getting ate up" by all of the audience members during performances. His lifelong goal is to grow a bob (manifesting it like Michael did). On campus, you can catch him on stage in a play or hanging out with the Cleftos because that’s all he does, apparently. Oh! Also bopping to YEBBA, Beyoncé, or Jazmine Sullivan while walking…that’s about all he does. It’s just my routine, gal, get with it!

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