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Music Director
Pronouns: he/him

Vocal Part: Bass
Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia
Clefto Color: Heather Grey
Major: Chemistry, Minor: Music
Additional: Soul as colorful as his Clefto Color


Ethan is a Sophomore from Lynchburg, Virginia (you know, the place where [REDACTED] University is located.) Ethan greatly enjoys the open-mindedness of his Clefto peers - particularly how they handled his decision to select the textured pattern of Heather Grey as his Clefto color, which has caused absolutely no controversy whatsoever. Ethan is very proud of keen senses, which allow him to hear colors and taste any cilantro in a 10 mile radius. When he’s not singing with one of the 3 ensembles he’s a part of, you can catch Ethan humming low notes in random corners (gotta love that resonance baby) or...speed-walking between rehearsals for those aforementioned 3 ensembles.

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