Vocal Part: Bass

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Clefto Color: Gold

Solo: Broke

Additional: Yes, he does like jazz

Chas is a freshman from the planet Mercury (aka Washington). He enjoys beep-bopping around the town and gettin' while the gettin' is good. His hobbies include cereal for breakfast, painting along to Bob Ross videos, and scatting to smooth jazz when he thinks nobody's listening.

Desired Nickname: Chas-Man


Favorite Type of Cheese: I'm lactose-intolerant. (Just kidding, I'm a cheddar guy)


Playlist: Khalid, Kendrick Lamar


Fondest Memory: Peeing in the snow for the first time on a family trip to Alaska. It made the color gold, which was the inspiration for my Clefto color


Two Movies you Wish you Could Combine and Why: The Shining and Mega mind


Passion: Words written in very tiny handwriting


I am a Reincarnation of... Barry the Bee


Indulgence: Reese's peanut butter cups


Dream Hair: Any kind of facial hair at all

Favorite Outfit: My birthday suit

Superpower: My presence makes any place feel like home


Three People you'd be Trapped in an Elevator With: Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and the Cookie Monster


Favorite Book: Excel 2013 for Dummies


No One Knows That I... am a citizen in 8 countries